An innovative company

that ‘shaped’ Cyprus

Cybarco, part of the Lanitis Group, is one of the leading companies in the construction and property development sectors, with an international portfolio of projects and sales network. This is a company that has been ‘building’ Cyprus for more than 75 years.

An innovative company that ‘shaped’ Cyprus

Cybarco, part of the Lanitis Group, is one of the leading companies in the construction and property development sectors, with an international portfolio of projects and sales network. This is a company that has been ‘building’ Cyprus for more than 75 years.

It was founded in 1945 by foreign investors and Nikolaos P.Lanitis, who held the majority shares. He was uncle to Evagoras K.Lanitis (father of Platonas, Marios and Costas Lanitis and Isabella Iliadou) developing and shaping the company that we know today. In 1976, Cybarco was bought in its entirety by the Lanitis Group.

A Lanitis family photo from the 1930s. Centre of picture is Nikos P.Lanitis, one of Cybarco’s founders in 1945.‘Cybarco can pride itself in the leading and innovative position it enjoys in the field’, the management says. Dynamic change and evolution play a decisive role in all its activities, such as developing new construction methods as well as processes for the use of the latest technology and equipment.

The company had always been connected to quality, reliability and creativity. During its long history it has always earned its good market fame, in promptly delivering works with the highest standards to all its clients.

Innovation, quality, client centered relations and commitment to its employees and associates, forge the conditions and establish solid foundations for the future development of Cybarco and its activities, by realising projects that change the way people live and work in Cyprus.

Cybarco Contracting and Cybarco Development are active in construction and property development respectively, operating independently, with a different management team and executive boards. Both though part of the Lanitis Group.


Cybarco Contracting is Cybarco’s construction subsidiary. With forward vision and dynamism it rose to one of the leading construction organisations in the 21st century both in Cyprus and the wider region, operating both in Europe and the Middle East.

Τhe Cybarco Contracting logo.

The International Nicosia Airport, the Laniteion high school in Limassol, the Larnaca Refineries, the South Pipeline, the Limassol-Paphos highway, the Limassol Sewerage System, the Yermasoyia Dam, Aphrodite Hills, The Oval and the Limassol Marina are but a small sample of the large scale infrastructure projects undertaken across the island by Cybarco Contracting. Beyond Cyprus, the Bahrain National Theatre, the Qatar Airport in Doha and Kuwait’s National Museum are prominent examples.

Τhe Al Sharq Resort Hotel in Qatar, a Cybarco Contracting project.

A leading position in luxury residences

Cybarco also enjoys a leading position in developing luxury residences through its subsidiary Cybarco Development, a top ranking company in the sector, developing and completing many landmark works in Cyprus. It offers a wide range of properties, such as luxury coastal residences, prime location city centre apartments, as well as villas and apartments in golf and marina resorts. It is developing certain of the most iconic and innovative projects in Cyprus, such as the Limassol Marina, The Oval, the Trilogy Limassol Front, Amathusa, Sea Gallery Villas and the Aktea I, II and III in Limassol and the Akamas Bay Villas in Latsi. It has also recently taken over property sales for the new large scale project in Limassol, the Limassol Greens.

Τhe Limassol Greens Golf Resort. Cybarco Development has exclusive sales responsibility.

Cybarco’s contribution

Here’s a brief account of the company’s outlook:

  • 75 years of history, experience and growth
  • 75 years of landmark quality works, both in Cyprus and abroad
  • Works of historic significance, directly connected with the development of the country’s economy and society
  • A long standing history resulting in accumulated experience, knowhow, a wide network of associates both in Cyprus and abroad, investors trust and client preference
  • Representing and promoting Cyprus abroad through quality projects
  • Providing hundreds of employment positions and attracting foreign investors
  • Creating innovative works both in design and implementation level.

Lanitis Group and Cybarco

Lanitis Group was founded in the late 19th century and has developed into one of the leading business organisation in Cyprus. Based on the values of reliability, integrity, quality and social contribution, the Group has forged an innovative role in its fields of operations, with active participation in both the financial and social life of the country.

Τhe Aktea Residences 3, a Cybarco Development work.

The Group operates in various business sectors, such as construction, land and property development, golf resorts and marinas, tourism and travel, the hotel industry, entertainment, restaurants, trade and raw material imports, energy and a number of other fields.

The Lanitis Group has built a reputation for its humanitarian and social contribution, mostly in culture, education and health. In 2001, the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation was established, a non-governmental organisation that sets up and sponsors cultural and educational events, promoting outstanding achievements and excellent. The Group’s companies channel their corporate social responsibility through this institution.

Quality, corporate ethics and human approach

Cybarco, a Lanitis Group subsidiary was founded in 1945 and it would be fair to say that it has actually ‘shaped’ Cyprus. The long running portfolio includes dozens of major, large scale works both in Cyprus and abroad. Marios E.Laniti, Vice-President of Cybarco Executive Board spoke to us about values, the company’s human approach, today’s realities and future prospects.

Marios E. Lanitis, Vice-President of Cybarco Executive Board.

How is the experience of heading a company with such a leading an innovative position in its sector?

I would compare it with an orchestra. The conductor might have the final word, but if any member of the group is not coordinated and do not play their own part as they should, then desired results are simply not achieved. So if you’re holding such a post, it is important to successfully coordinate all these people, guide and inspire them. But what is crucial, is all your associates to feel and work like a team.

But it’s a weight on your shoulders. This is an historic company.

Massive responsibility, first and foremost to the company employees, as well as the shareholders and the younger generation taking on the baton; you must always aim towards passing on something bigger and better than what you received.

Values and principles

Every company has a culture. So what does the past bring today and future prospects in terms of heritage?

Cybarco culture was always been about high standard ethics, quality and a human approach. I am not just referring to the quality of work construction, but all across the board. It’s the way we work and conduct our business, the owners’ approach and its relations with society. A company operating in the right manner gives back to society in many ways. It employs many people and produces national wealth, but also contributes through material and ethical support in various social sectors and groups of people that are in need, within the scope of its possibilities. And contribution to society is a fundamental characteristic of the Lanitis Group.

A Lanitis family photo from the 1930s. Centre of picture is Nikos P.Lanitis, one of Cybarco’s founders in 1945.

So quality, ethics, contribution and human approach form the Cybarco and the Group DNA…

It is indeed and that stems from the Group founders, more than 125 years ago.

Most important moments?

Two stand out. One of them was in 1976 when Cybarco also had foreign shareholders. Following the 1974 Turkish invasion, the shareholders decided to withdraw following the huge financial repercussions of the invasion. So my father bought off their share, resulting in the ownership of 90% by Lanitis Group. The next important development that positively affected the company’s growth was winning the tender for the construction of the South Pipeline. This was a large scale, complicated project for its time. It helps to distribute water from the Kourris dam, the largest in Cyprus, carrying water in many areas across the government controlled areas, include ‘Kokkinochoria’, the fertile potato producing villages of the Famagusta district. Technically, it was highly demanding and we were just a small company; so we needed help. We partnered up for the work with British construction firm Shand. This synergy gave Cybarco the opportunity to acquire more expertise and experience, grow and be in a position to implement major works both in Cyprus and abroad.

Other major works?

The most recent one is the Limassol Marina. It was built on the BOT method; Build-Operate-Transfer, meaning a partnership between the public and private sector, that changed the face of Limassol, maybe even Cyprus. It was built in cooperation with other companies and organisation and Cybarco participated both in the construction venture as well as the development and sale of the projects’ residential properties.

Άλλα μεγάλα έργα είναι το Trilogy στη Λεμεσό, το οποίο κατασκευάζουμε τώρα και βαδίζει προς ολοκλήρωση σύντομα, είναι τα διάφορα έργα υποδομής όπως τα αποχετευτικά συστήματα, υπεραστικοί δρόμοι και πριν το 1974 το αεροδρόμιο Λευκωσίας.

Τhe Aktea Residences 3, a Cybarco Development work.

Other major projects include Trilogy in Limassol that is currently under construction and close to completion and various infrastructure works such as sewerage systems, highways and Nicosia airport back in 1964, a construction innovation for its time.

Beyond Cyprus, the Qatar airport and the Bahrain National Theatre are outstanding examples. And a bit of interesting trivia; the Bahrain theatre has a capacity of 1001 seats, as the Emirate wanted a connection between the building and the best known work of Arab literature, ‘A thousand and one nights’.

Τhe National Theatre of Bahrain, a Cybarco Contracting project.


What makes Trilogy special?

Well, it’s innovative architectural design and quality of construction. It was built on quite an extensive plot, so that gave us the opportunity to create a number of open spaces for public use. In fact, the building only makes up 18% of the plot’s total area. Spacious parking places also make a difference, with two ground and three underground areas that will contribute towards alleviating one of the biggest issues that the city is facing.

Η Limassol Marina έργο στο οποίο η Cybarco Contracting συμμετείχε στην κατασκευαστική κοινοπραξία και η Cybarco Development είχε την αποκλειστική ευθύνη των πωλήσεων οικιστικών ακινήτων.

Do you also believe that the younger generation should take on responsibilities, in spite of mistakes?

That’s what I tell the next generation. They should always be ready to take action and responsibility. Never fear responsibility. As my father used to say ‘have you ever seen just a profit account? It’s always a profit and loss account’. I repeat the same to the young generation. Mistakes are always part of the process. They should not back away from initiative, as long as they learn to handle mistakes, taking timely preventive action.

Members of the Lanitis fifth generation directly involved with Cybarco and Executive Board Vice-President Marios E.Lanitis. Left to right are Nicholas M.Lanitis, Joanna P.Lanitis and Katerina M.Lanitis.


Before the economy had a chance to recover, it was toppled by covid and now the Ukrainian crisis. How will our economy be affected and more to the point, Cybarco’s sectors of activity?

The 2013 crisis as well as 1974, when lives were lost brought about major repercussions. We pulled through and stood on our two feet again. Then covid came, causing serious pressures in the construction and property sectors, our focus of activities. We managed to handle that too, recovering well. We can’t really tell how the Russia-Ukraine conflict will end, when, or its real scale. But it will definitely affect us. The Russian market is important to the Cypriot economy, touching upon many sectors, including construction and property. We believe that the Russian market is lost, for now, perhaps the next couple of years. And we need to look at alternative markets as fast as we can. I also have to note that our residential property market product and in particular the 2nd home product for foreign clients, is different in each case. British, German and Russian clients are different. The homes we have today are mostly geared and designed towards the Russian market, so we need to adapt that. That is yet another challenge; but we will strive to the best of our efforts.

Will the Ukrainian market also be lost?

It will definitely be affected but it was a much smaller sized market than the Russian one.

The baton gradually carried by 5th Lanitis generation

An interview with three out of 11 members of the Lanitis family fifth generation. Joanna P.Lanitis (Cybarco administrative consultant), Katerina M.Lanitis (head of Cybarco Development Property Management) and Nicholas M.Lanitis (head of Cybarco Contracting Markets and Supplies). We mostly talked about the future of the Group.

You’re part of the fifth generation of Lanitis and you’re part of a major Group, both family wise as well as nationally. Whats your take on that?

Joanna: We definitely feel the weight and responsibility of the history surrounding the family and Lanitis Group, but on the other hand we are lucky and happy enough to have a solid network of associates, our parents, with invaluable advice and of course each other. Beyond that, mistakes can happen for sure, but as my uncle says, when you have the sense and power of experience that makes up the Lanitis Group, only positive prospects guide your approach.

Κaterina: We think of Cybarco and the whole Group as one big family. So we have that can provide that guidance and support to push forward. We don’t feel isolated, with all decisions forced solely upon us. Our parents and team are part of the process. Not just because of the Lanitis name. We have learned to forge ahead as a team, work together, this is our culture. The heritage of the Group lies in its substance and future. We started our careers elsewhere and when we joined the Group it was low down in the hierarchy. That gave us the chance to work our way up, rise up the ranks and feel like equal members of this family.

Members of the Lanitis fifth generation directly involved with Cybarco and Executive Board Vice-President Marios E.Lanitis. Left to right are Nicholas M.Lanitis, Joanna P.Lanitis and Katerina M.Lanitis.

What does the new generation want to change in the company?

Νicholas: The new developments of our time. For example, we’d like to implement the complete digitisation of Cybarco. Do away with paper based processes and the bureaucracy that runs with them. This is how we can actually release new forces, a new dynamic through improved practices and other actions that result in value added quality and productivity.

The fifth generation works in different departments and Group companies, so we really want to leave our mark together and as individuals.

Κaterinant. I can tell you about a current initiative to strengthen client relationships at Cybarco Development. We’re in the process of expanding the Property Management team in order to provide comprehensive and quality services to our clients.

Cybarco Development continues client communication following the sale of the property.

With this kind of expansion in the Property Management team, our clients will be able to communicate with us anytime and whatever needs they may have, concerning the management of their property or any other service that their family might need. We don’t want them to feel alone in a country they don’t really know in terms of process and culture. It’s also vital to provide these services electronically, through relevant applications.

How many of you make up the Lanitis fifth generation?

Νicholas: We’re 11, out of which six have a direct professional relationship with the Group, having operational positions and the other five are administrative, holding positions at Lanitis Group companies executive boards.

How do you see the future of Cybarco and the Lanitis Group as a whole?

Joanna: What was built over time is precious and we want to continue on this path, develop and expand it. We don’t really envision something dramatically different than the present reality. We all support the values and principles established by previous generation and we plan to following in those footsteps, also leaving our own mark.


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