The flagship of

luxury hotels

Thanos Hotels and Resorts was established 50 years ago by Alecos Michaelides and has since developed into the flagship of the country’s tourist fleet with its three luxury hotels, each with their own distinguishing identity; hotels that all visitors have grown attached to over time; the iconic Anassa, the flowing Almyra and the classic character of Annabelle.

The flagship of luxury hotels

Thanos Hotels and Resorts was established 50 years ago by Alecos Michaelides and has since developed into the flagship of the country’s tourist fleet with its three luxury hotels, each with their own distinguishing identity; hotels that all visitors have grown attached to over time; the iconic Anassa, the flowing Almyra and the classic character of Annabelle.

Aloe Hotel was added to the Group in 2017, while in May 2021 a brand new venture brought more colour to the Thanos fold; the all-day-destination Antasia Beach Club.

The Group’s timeless vision has been quality of service and authentic hospitality.

In other enterprises, The Group also owns the brand name sales company, Anthana Ltd.


Alecos Michaelides joined the tourist industry in 1971, renting the ‘Evagoras Court’ hotel, located near the ancient Salamis site. The Turkish invasion put a halt in his plans as he was forced to resettle and re-launch his business in the government controlled areas of the island. That happened in the 1980s by creating the Paphos Beach Hotel.

Thanos Hotels and Resorts Founder Alecos Michaelides

Annabelle opened in 1987, followed by Anassa in 1998.

Alecos Michaelides passed away in 2008 and the Group passed on to his children Thanos, Anna and Natasa, who followed in his footsteps and vision.

2017 saw the addition of Aloe to the Group, followed in 2021 by the much-expected venture of the all-day destination Antasia Beach Club.

CEO Thanos Michaelides along with his sisters Natasa (Corporate Affairs and Communications Director) and Anna (Director of Operations).

Alecos Michaelides

He was born on the Troodos mountains community of Mylikouri in 1933 and started out working as a teacher, following a training programme in Britain. He then taught in high school and served as a headmaster at the Xeros Technical School.

He furthered his studies in the United States, graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Georgia, in Atlanta.

Following his return to Cyprus, he worked as a senior administrative officer in various industries, as well as a business consultant and served as an executive council member in government organisations.

He was a member of the Electricity Authority executive board and vice-president of the Hoteliers Association.

1971 was the year that changed everything. Alecos Michaelides stepped into the hotel industry, a vision that would turn out to be the start of a personal chapter in the country’s financial history.

But Michaelides was also a statesman, serving in the 2nd highest office of the land, President of the House of Representatives, as well as minister of foreign affairs and in political party terms, founder and President of the New Democratic Party (NEDIPA)

The bombed out Paphos Beach

The Turkish invasion and the destruction it left in its wake for everyone, overturned the life and professional reality of Alecos Michaelides, following a successful start. But ever the perennial pioneer, heclosely looked into the prospects and decided to pursue his tourist industry in Paphos, foreseeing a good future for the sector there, in spite of the invasion blows.

His decision to step up to the plate and rent the bombed out Paphos Beach, was considered a bold business move at the time, but proved crucial as a stepping stone in the years to come, as it attracted millions of visitors, creating employment opportunities both for locals and foreign staff in the process, as well as bringing to the fore the country’s history and civilisation. And what’s more in an area previously unknown as Paphos.

His decision to invest in travel agents was yet more proof of his business acumen, as Cyprus gradually found its way into the top positions of tourist destinations.

Following the Turkish invasion, founder Alecos Michaelides resettled in Paphos and re-launched his business in the 1980s when he rented and renovated the Paphos Beach hotel from ruins, the result of relentless bombing.

On the same path…

A pioneer and visionary, Alecos Michaelides forged the Group of Thanos Hotels and Resorts identity on the foundations of innovation, reliability and healthy entrepreneurship, building up the business into a point of tourist reference for the whole of the Mediterranean region.  Since its establishment, every hotel unit has been operating as its own exclusive entity, guided by quality and unique hospitality, such characteristics becoming a trademark of its personnel.

He passed away in 2008 and his children Thanos, Anna and Natasa continued down the path of his own work and business course, looking to further improve services, upgrade the hotels and looking towards the advancement of personnel, recognising human resources as the cornerstone of the hotel industry.

Authentic hospitality

The Group’s vision has never turned away from quality and authentic hospitality principles, investing in people and communities, thus forging a viable successful model based on a dedicated team working collectively towards a common goal: individual service, catered to every clients’ needs and equally keeping in touch with markettrends and developments, A strategy that will guarantee authentic service and a unique experience for all visitors to the Group’s hotels.

Τhe Almyra spa

Values and principles

Thanos Hotels and Resorts Group remains a people centered organisation, employing more than a thousand people who share the same values and professional passion, are proud of the Group’s culture and have a positive energy invested collectively with mutual trust and transparency. They have empathy for the person next to them, take good care of their client and support the local community.

Human personnel

The Group considers human personnel as their most valuable asset.

‘Our people are at the heart of everything we do. With the majority of personnel recruited in Cyprus, we are immeasurably proud to have such a loyal local team, working towards a common goal’.

The Group has set out a wide range of policies and human personnel development programme, including:

  • Talent Plus evaluations before employment
  • Connecting with other hotel units for work for internships
  • One of the most attractive work package of terms and conditions
  • Comprehensive training programs and induction courses for new personnel
  • Seminars, training workshops and expertise programmes
  • Professional development and opportunities throughout the Group
  • Numerous personnel events geared towards recognition, encouragement and well-being

The Sky’s the Limit approach

The Thanos Hotels and Resorts Group has been making hotel industry headlines for half a century. Established in 1971 by Alecos Michaelides it is internationally acclaimed for three luxury unique hotels, Anassa, Almyra and Annabelle.

Aloe and all-day destination Antasia Beach Club make up for a fearsome chain of five.

The Group’s CEO Thanos Michaelides took the time for an interview on history, present realities and the future.

The Group’s CEO Thanos Michaelides

What’s it like leading a group with such history and prestige?

My father passed on quite the heritage to my sisters and myself. We were always very close as a family and he was a gentle and special man, who taught us all we know.

We had already joined the Group before our father passed away, so we simply carried on his vision of upgrading and developing our hotels, improving the services we provide and naturally, investing on the advancement of personnel, the cornerstone of the hotel industry.

Carrying on his work is a challenge bearing great responsibility. What keeps the job interesting is creating new challenges. Never being content with what you’ve achieved but actually keep working forward, keeping in touch with market and social trends. You can’t be static.

CEO Thanos Michaelides along with his sisters Natasa (Corporate Affairs and Communications Director) and Anna (Director of Operations).

What does the history carry forward for present and future?

The values handed down by our father have helped on the way of faithfully keeping to the path that he marked down. We continue raising the bar of client service and business performance, never relinquishing the Group’s philosophy and always responding to the market’s changing trends and client needs. High quality and service authenticity is a given.

Our father’s pioneering spirit is a constant reminder and inspiration in seeking out the best possible solution, the most special of experiences, what will make a real difference.

What is the group’s DNA and what determined it?

Giving back to the community and being an active part of local life have always been fundamental goals. We believe that a healthy organisation must always make up a major part of its social environment, always creating opportunities of interacting with the community, as well as its personnel and clients. We always look towards maintaining and strengthening this relationship.

Memorable moments

What was the most important moment in your mind?

There have been countless of landmarks connected to our hotels. A special relationship has developed with each one, from creation to daily operation.

Anassa was one to remember, as it raised the bar of quality tourism and secured numerous international awards, forging new hotel industry standards.

What’s more valuable for me, is our visitor’s response to the service, the comments they share with us, choosing to return time and time again, meeting the staff that will provide the same authentic Cypriot hospitality.

Anassa Hotel

The most important project or decision?

Every hotel has its own history and we share a unique relationship with each one throughout this time, a piece of separate history. So it’s tough to pick out a moment or project.

To be sure, Anassa has won numerous international awards and holds an esteemed place in the country’s hotel industry. It does stand out as a project but that doesn’t mean it gets a better assessment that the rest. For example, Almyra is the only one in Cyprus to be a member of Design Hotels, also operating as a cultural destination, hosting exhibitions of Cypriot artists, which serves to promote local identity and heritage.

Annabelle was the first 5-star hotel in Paphos. It’s loyal clients are a clear indication of a unique character and specialised, knowledgeable, highly skilled staff, who have succeeded in achieving returning customers for years now.

Annabelle was the first 5-star hotel in Paphos

It’s a home away from home for most visitors and the idyllic, simply magical location, combined with lush, gorgeous sea view gardens, make it a clear holiday choice all year round, again and again. Let’s not also forget our latest, modern project, the Antasia all-day-venue,  who’s won people over and developed into a popular destination to relax and enjoy good food.

The all-day-destination Antasia Beach Club

Memorable experiences

Moment to cherish, either personal experience or what has been narrated to you?

I have happy childhood memories of the Polis Chrysochous summers. Our father took us swimming in the area and we enjoyed beautiful beaches, still unknown to most. Father always shared his vision of building the best hotel in the Mediterranean. It’s like he almost visualised Anassa, in his mind since back then. When this dream was actually forged into reality, I remember how he walked in the gardens, smelling the herbs, looking out to the gorgeous view of the sea. It was there, his vision, a living entity.

The Anassa spa

A new tourist strategy is needed

It’s tough. Covid has followed in the footsteps of the financial crisis. What’s your take on things?

The pandemic has struck a major blow to the country’s economy, causing significant financial repercussions in most business sectors. The tourist and hotel industry-two interconnected sectors-bear deep wounds, as lockdowns led to a long period of virtual paralysis, dealing with unprecedented difficulties and a clearly uncertain future.

It wasn’t just a blow for the sectors, but a knockdown of the wider economy, as tourism is a fundamental pillar of development in Cyprus. To be honest, there’s an urgent need to upgrade our communication strategy and set short and long term goals. Get back on our feet the soonest possible and aim for a 2022 that minimises the damage of the two previous years. Success formula? Take into account the structural changes in consumer behaviour, modernising our product and how we approach the modern tourist.

Our tourist promotion campaign has to become visibly more dynamic, combined with the growth of air connectivity with major markets.

And post-pandemic?

2022 is expected to be another demanding year, with a number of particularities and a spillover of pending issues that are keeping the travel market on its toes. Within a framework of strategic moves, forging personal networks as well as adding new programmes and activities, we do remain optimistic of high demand for our destination and will work hard towards achieving this goal. The Group’s immediate plans are to respond to pandemic challenges, as the situation remains volatile and we have to secure personnel positions, also maintaining high quality services that rise to client expectations.

With long standing experience in the hotel industry, Thanos Michaelides has been the owner and CEO of THANOS HOTELS AND RESORTS Group for almost three decades, since 1993.

The Group is made up of three distinguished 5-star hotels with international awards, Anassa, Annabelle and Almyra, as well as the four star establishment Aloe and the all day destination Antasia Beach Club.

Anassa Hotel

Anassa Hotel

The company was  established in 1971 and now employs more than 1100 people.

In other capacities, Thanos Michaelides has been serving as President of the Paphos Hoteliers Association since 2017 and also delves in fashion, as the owner of the brand name sales company ANTHANA LTD.

In prior engagements, Michaelides was the founder and CEO of the exclusive tourist services travel organisation MEDITERRANEAN EXPERIENCE LTD, based out of London.

He is a holder of an MBA from the London Business School, with an Economics and Political Science degree awarded with distinction from the Brandeis University in the USA.

Local and international awards

The Group’s hotels have distinguished themselves on numerous occasions, both at a local and international level both on facilities and services, as well as personnel.

They have been included in the top destinations list of exclusive travel institutions and publications, such as Condé Nast Traveller Awards, Gallivanter’s Guide, Tatler Travel, Spafinder Readers’ Choice, Harpers & Queen «Harpers Abroad», the Golden Cap, Best Chef and so on.

Every single distinction is special in itself and strengthens the Group, with personnel proud of their accomplishments which provide the impetus and enthusiasm to continue on the path of quality service.

Corporate social and cultural action

The Paphos Beach Hotel investment and the crucial early days back in the 1980s, when the first visitors discovered its luxurious setting, during a time when the country was making the big move towards postwar recovery, trying to believe, is perhaps the greatest landmark in the Group’s history.

The timing, location and nature of the investment, laid the foundations for the Group’s future success.

Then came Annabelle and Anassa, complimented and concluded by the renovation of Paphos Beach, that was renamed Almyra.

The setting was perfect; Paphos, a city steeped in history of all ages and legends of all time, laying out the cultural heritage and identity of our land, for all to see.

The Group has organised events of major historical, political and cultural interests, rising to international standards, beyond what’s expected in Cyprus.

It has always been one of the first to support cultural events in Paphos, providing a platform of support for local artists, a way out for their work to become widely known.

The Group invests in the value of experience, that’s what anyone would seek out of their precious holiday time.  We’re not just talking about hotel facilities, but in all essence, a little piece of a neighbourhood, a society in itself.

The need to support the local community is why the Group has also established a Scholarship Fund, providing students from Paphos with the opportunity of furthering their studies with postgraduate programs, also rewarding excellence.


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